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I am a first-time poster here so please delete this if it appears stupid to you.
My sister recently returned from China and she is staying here until she leaves for grad school. We have been sharing the same bathroom and I didn't give it a second thought (that means same handtowel, same soap to wash, same toilet)
Yesterday she tells me she needs to go to the doctor because she "has something".
Me: "What do you mean you 'have something'?!"
Her: "Well I just need to go back to the Dr. again because I've been extremely sick, so they ran some tests and I probably got something."
Me: "Like Dysentery??"
Her: "Yeah probably. Hard to say."
Me: "You could have told me, we've been using the same bathroom for a week."
Her: *not caring* "Oh I sprayed some Lysol this morning."
At this point, I said something along the lines of "Lysol is not that effective especially after a week."
But I wish I WOULD have said "Yeah, I spray Lysol about once a day in there, too, since I got chlamydia." Perhaps I might have added something like "But don't worry, I'm not having an outbreak now so it's not contagious."

This is especially funny because I don't have chlamydia... just in case that threw anyone off.
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