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Permission to Speak Freely?

Permission Granted.

Things You Wish You'd Said
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We all get into fights. Tiffs, scuffles, verbal fisticuffs. Typically the only words that want to come out are "EFF YOU IN THE EFF HOLE." These aren't words that usually win "Most Clever Retort" nominations at the Banter Awards.

SO! Now that you've taken a few deep breaths, assessed the situation, screamed into a shower pillow in a hot bath, posted to livejournal with a cryptic message of stifled fury, you've proably thought of something insanely clever to say. Something perfect, witty, biting, intelligent, brilliant! Well. You can't very well call up your sparring partner and launch into your beautifully crafted tirade. But it's festering inside you like a month old tupperwear dish of hamburger helper.

So tell us! Tell the world! Get it off your chest! You don't even need to tell us a backstory. We probably won't care (but backstories are nice!). Unleash all of your undistilled rage. Let your fingers fly over the white and black keys of justice. Let it out. Get in your final word. Unleash.

This doesn't necessarily need to be a one-liner snappy comeback. It can be a personal, thoughtful reflection, something you've always wanted to say. Make it as vicious as you need to. This is therapy, man!